Natmac from EMC talks with Dave Daly, DJ and booker for Clancy’s new underground club space ‘Liquid Lounge‘.

We are delighted to see a new space open in Cork. What inspired you to open the new ‘Liquid Lounge’?

As someone that has grown up with a passion for dance music I feel over the last few years (especially in Cork) this has somewhat slipped away. With a mainstream music culture being a driving factor over the last decade I’m finally seeing a shift in music and the offering that people are looking for. Yes, there has always been an underground scene but there is definitely a shift in what people are looking for and what Cork has to offer. I hope with this new space it will start changing people’s mindsets to music and bring back a clubbing culture. 

Where does the name come from?

This name is somewhat iconic. The Liquid Lounge was born in 2005 I believe and quickly built a reputation for being a haven for electronic dance music. Its doors remained open for over a decade before the Clancys building was sold and remained idle for a number of years. It seemed only right to bring back this iconic name and brand. 

Dave, tell us about your background in electronic music?

I started DJing over 24 years ago when house music was in its prime. The scene was much different back then. Before Spotify or Shazam people came to listen to what you had to play. You packed your 50 or 60 records into a bag and off you went. In those days people just loved to hear something different and original. There was such a demand for it. I really can’t remember when that shifted. I feel underground dance music really took a back seat in Cork for the last 10 or so years until now. People’s mindsets are changing and they’re looking for a new experience. I’m very excited for what’s coming next. 

Will you be operating a late licence?

Here at the Liquid Lounge we will be operating from 11pm to 2:30/3am. We have a full FBT sound system in the room as well as a full lighting show however we plan to keep the lighting quite minimal and leave the music do the talking. 

How would you describe the overall atmosphere and vibe of the Liquid Lounge?

Once the lights go out there is an instant vibe in this room. A warm sound system and intimate lighting all adds to the experience. 

What kind of crowd are you hoping to attract?

Our doors are open to all ages. From 18 to 80. We have a safe space for people to come and dance and enjoy what the DJ has to offer. I want to see people enjoying their night without watching it through their phones. Phones down, hands up (in the air). 

What measures are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests?

We have one of the best security teams throughout the Clancys group. This will be a safe space for all. 


Are you collaborating with any local artists, DJs, or performers?

We will be working with some of Cork’s best underground DJs and our doors will always be open to new up and coming DJs. The plan is to grow slowly and organically. Nothing will be forced.

How do you plan to engage with the Cork community and local nightlife scene?

Through collectives like yourselves and also building a community of our own. 

How can people find more information about the Liquid Lounge and stay updated on events and promotions?

You can find everything on our Instagram, @liquidloungecork.

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