Grassroots rave organisers Liam and Ash chat with EMC about their upcoming music festival this weekend, June 14-16.

Can you tell us about the origins of the festival? How did it all begin?

Liam: Kriptik festival was born after a series of successful underground parties. It was always something that I wanted to do as the club scene in Cork just didn’t really cut it for me having experienced what it could be like in cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam. I wanted to bring the same experience to parties here in Cork. This led to the constant search for new after hours spaces to experiment with.

After a lot of dead ends and setbacks, we were put in contact with the owner of the land where Kriptik Festival now takes place. After our first visit to the location we knew that we had found something very special! There’s an air of magic about the place that just can’t be explained unless you have been to visit yourself.

What is the core mission or vision behind the Kriptik festival?

Ash: Creating a safe space for people to truly express themselves has always been at the core of what we do. By creating the festival in this location in West Cork we allow people to connect with nature, music and art in one immersive experience. We put in extra effort to ensure a safe space is maintained by operating an invite only policy for all of our events. 

What makes the festival unique compared to other music festivals in Cork, nationally or even globally?

Ash: Kriptik Festival stands out among other festivals as it is still run at a small scale and is fully independent. This ensures a tailor made experience where people really get to know each other at our parties and we have built a strong community of people who come to each event without fail. This also creates a more intimate experience with the artists that you wouldn’t get at a large scale festival, allowing everyone to connect with the music on a deeper level. 

How do you source and select the artists who perform at the festival?

Liam: Authenticity is at our core and always will be. We believe in staying true to the sound and giving music the respect it deserves. Our rosters reflect this, it’s clear in the current scene that popularity has become the deciding factor for a lot of promoters and the level of skill is overlooked. Kriptik will always be a place where true talent is showcased.

Are there any interactive or immersive elements that festival-goers particularly enjoy?

Liam: Having set the groundwork last year, we are going a step further for this year’s instalment. We are collaborating with collectives such as Inter Site to create immersive elements which transform spaces through the use of nature, projections and sound. 

The main stage will have a custom lighting and FX setup, perfectly matched with the notorious Rise Up Soundsystem, we can guarantee this is going to be an unforgettable experience! 

How does the festival incorporate sustainable practices and promote environmental consciousness?

Ash: During the festival build we strive to use as much reused materials as possible such as old pallets, scaffolding and plywood. As I have studied as an architect I understand the importance of recyclable materials and I use my knowledge on structure and building practices to create stages, art installations, furniture etc. with whatever we can find. We use things like Facebook marketplace, Done Deal and word of mouth to source these things, as well as our friends being generous and donating whatever they have lying around to us. Something can be made out of anything. 

What are your aspirations for Kriptik’s future?

Liam: We are always looking ahead and excited to test new ideas. Without saying too much, in the very near future you can expect a new Kriptik platform that will push real music and club nights.. stay tuned!

What inspires you personally to keep organising the festival each year?

Liam & Ash: Our passion for music and the underground scene is second to none. We love the process, because at the end there is always a reward which is experiencing a vision come to life in front of you. It is a truly amazing feeling and seeing people enjoy this motivates us further. During the months that lead up to the festival it is always in the back of our minds and we are constantly thinking of new ideas that we are excited to bring to life on site.

Find out more about Kriptic on Instagram here

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