Introducing: Hybrasil

Hybrasil a.k.a Will Kinsella


Hybrasil is an accomplished songwriter, music producer and live artist who has performed at some of the world’s leading venues: Bord Gais Theatre, Berghain Berlin, DC10 Ibiza, Fabrik Madrid & Space Ibiza. He has worked and released music with some of the world’s leading DJs and record labels: Carl Cox, Awesome Soundwave, Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave, Rekids & We are the Brave. 


Hybrasil learned his craft working as a house engineer at Temple Lane and Grouse Lodge Studios, where he recorded and produced music on NEVE and SSL Consoles across genres such as Blues, Jazz, Folk Music, World Music and Prog Rock. After many years of honing his skills as a sound engineer with a variety of different artists from different backgrounds, work on the Hybrasil live and studio project began.

In 2005 he took up residency as a radio DJ, presenting a late-night 3 deck mix show inspired by The Wizard on WJLB Detroit. It wasn’t long before Hybrasil was picked up by Irish National Radio. A broadcasting career that eventually spanned a total of twelve years. The Hybrasil live project debuted in 2016. What followed was a series of digital/vinyl releases on his

own eponymous label and a number of key performances at festivals and clubs across the continent. His most ambitious project took five years to develop. For this, he wrote a live show entitled ‘Spaces’, performed before Jeff Mills & the National Concert Orchestra at Dublin’s Bord Gais Theatre. In 2018, he was welcomed into the Rekids family by Radio Slave, debuting on the label with the ‘Afra EP’ and his debut album ‘Embers’. Since joining the label he has picked up a number of mix credits on Rekids as well as embarking on an audio visual collaboration with Tom Hodgkinson of Bristol based design studio ‘Shop’. In 2020 Hybrasil was signed to Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s Awesome Soundwave label for live artists, debuting with ‘Dezik’ and following up with his third studio album ‘2051: Enter the Droid’ in 2022.

Drones from the Island

Drones from the Island drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology, ancient civilizations, and

ancient technology, this show aims to merge these themes with modern music technology, resulting in a unique and captivating experience. An act of collaboration with Tom Hodgkinson of Bristol-based design studio SHOP, Hybrasil’s ‘Drones from the Island’ promises to deliver a visually stunning and sonically mesmerizing experience. This project is a must-see for fans of electronic music and those interested in ancient cultures and technology.


The official launch of Drones from the Island takes place at Cork City Hall for Culture Night 2023. This is a free event kindly funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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