Dan-Jo Relihan

Allow us to introduce Dan-Jo Relihan A.K.A. Steam Lite, a humble maestro of Drum and Bass who has been setting dance floors ablaze since 2014. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating world of hip-hop, Steam Lite crafts a captivating sonic journey that transcends genres. his diverse repertoire, ranging from breaks to Neurofunk with hints of Jungle and Liquid D&B.

Steam Lite’s magnetic presence attracts curious ears and hungry minds across the Emerald Isle. Together with his dedicated crew, A Sub Culture, they have cultivated a subculture that thrives on his unique blend of musical flavors, fostering a tight-knit community of music enthusiasts.

Beyond his performances, Steam Lite also showcases his love for all things artistic by curating immersive art shows and running exceptional events in Cork City. His passion for both music and visual art merges seamlessly, creating experiences that engage all senses and leave a profound impact on attendees.

Steam Lite stands as a humble ambassador, embracing the spirit of collaboration and creativity within the subculture. Through the art shows, events, and performances, he leaves an indelible mark on Cork City and beyond, bringing people together through the power of music, art, and a vibrant community that continues to flourish under his guidance.