Utilizing Our Native Tongue

Electronic Music Council Oíche Cultúir 2023

Seán Mac Fhionnlaoich

The importance of cultural societies and communities integrating the Irish language into their events and projects today.

Cork City music collective ‘Electronic Music Council’ are making a name for themselves across the island of Ireland with their innovative projects and parties. Their upcoming project ‘Foai Choim na Hoíche’ which translates to ‘Under the cover of night’, will take place in City Hall, Cork on Friday the 22nd of September as a part of Culture Night’s 2023 celebrations. The culture night late fund aims to promote and facilitate late night events that cater to a diverse range of audiences, commencing after 9pm and into the night. How the name blossomed, ‘Faoi Choim na hOíche’. 

In an era where languages can be endangered by modernisation, adapting an Irish name for the event asserts that Irish is not a relic of the past but a living, breathing entity that deserves its place in the present. The Electronic Music Council are certainly taking the right steps to promote and encourage the use of the Irish language and culture within their events and projects. 

The importance of incorporating Irish into our cultural events such as ‘Oíche Cultúir 2023’ and Electronic Music Council’s ‘Foai Choim na hOíche’, extends beyond the immediate celebration. By integrating the language into our projects, we ensure that future generations have the opportunity to engage with and appreciate our linguistic roots. The Irish language becomes a gateway to a rich cultural heritage, one that informs identity and shapes a sense of self. 

On the night we will be immersed in a spectacular ‘Drone from the Island AV show’ by performing artist ‘Hybrasil’ which is a project deeply connected to our Irish and Celtic heritage. ‘Faoi Choim na hOíche’ encapsulates the beauty of the electronic music scene in Ireland, where our heritage and music intertwine. Through this remarkable event attendees are invited to immerse themselves into a world where electronic music and our culture come together. The Irish language is not only alive but thriving, and its incorporation into cultural events paves the way for a vibrant and harmonious future.

Tagaimid le chéile ar Oíche Cultúr 2023 i halla na cathrach i cathair Chorcaí chun ceol leictreonach agus ár cultúr a ceiliúradh. Oíche fíor speisialta atá i gceist le a thuilleadh imeáchtaí cúirthe ar fáil ag an Electronic Music Council. An príomh imeacht a bheidh ar an oíche ná léiriú fuaime agus fiosúil ó ealaíontóir ‘Hybrasil’ le nasc láidir idir an ceol leictreonach agus ár cultúr Éireannach. Chomh maith leis sin, beidh léiriú ó ealaíontóir iontach eile darbh ainm ‘Cailín’ agus beidh sí á léiriú le a ailias ‘GRL’ ar an oíche. Beidh taispeántas agus ceardlann ag a thuilleadh ealaíontóirí agus scannánóirí ag tarlú i rith na hoíche freisin. Is ócáid an speisialta é oíche cultúr do ealaíontóirí ar fud na tíre agus is deis iontach é an cheol, cultúr agus an Gaeilge a spreagadh.


We come together on Culture Night 2023 in City Hall, Cork city to celebrate electronic music and our culture. A very special night that’s in store with plenty of events on the night provided by the ‘Electronic Music Council’. The main event of the night is an audio visual performance presented by ‘Hybrasil’ with heavy influences from electronic music and Irish culture. As Well as that, there will be a DJ performance on the night from another fantastic artist who goes by the name ‘Cailín’, who will also perform with her alias ‘GRL’. There will be exhibitions and workshops presented throughout the night along with many other artists and filmmakers. Culture Night 2023 is a very special night for many artists across Ireland and it’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate music, culture and the Irish language.

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