Techno People of Cork


Techno People of Cork is a website containing a collective of stories told by young, incredibly talented and ambitious artists that shape the underground techno scene of Cork.

Who are the Techno People of Cork?

I chose the following individuals to work with in the project, due to their amazing impact on the current underground scene:

Melanie “Mejmi” Higgins – Hailing from Galway, techno DJ and producer with classical music background

Maclaine Black – Originating from Galway, lifestyle and rave photographer currently shooting gigs over Ireland and UK

Liam “Hooligan” Chambers – Cork based techno DJ and producer. Founder of “Kriptik” underground rave events taking place in unique locations after hours.

Expect aggressive use of typography, high quality graphic vectors and other visual elements. Basically, this is the most “techno” multimedia project you probably will ever see. TPOC is a thought provoking project which tackles issues such as: drug abuse within the scene, the lack of proper night clubs to cater towards DJs from outside of Ireland and Europe, but also tells us what makes our scene special and different than any other techno scene in the country. I paid attention to every aspect of the project to give the sense of raving – applying techno music to the interviews, using bass sound effect to replace standard “bleep censor”, using futuristic techno font as subtitles, and many more.


The main idea of the project is to promote local artists with huge passion for the scene and the music. In the times of social media and Tiktok influencers there is a huge wave of people that come to the scene just to follow the crowd and drugs. My project focuses on people who have true value to techno not only as a music but as a concept. I want to keep it 100% authentic. Even though, “TPOC” as a college project is finished, I want to keep it doing long term, discover new techno personalities that are worth telling a story. This is just a chapter in a long journey.

All works completed by Cyprian Walantowicz.



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