Techno DJ and producer Hybrasil aka Will Kinsella talks to EMC on his upcoming Ableton Bootcamp event in Cyprus Avenue this Saturday, November 25th.

Can you share the inspiration behind creating the Ableton Bootcamp?

“I first launched the Ableton Bootcamp back in 2017, it started as a series of one day masterclasses at Dublin Institute of Technology (TUD). Following a series of sold out training events, the programme was taken online, leading to the creation and launch of Elevator Program.

The Bootcamp is a transformative one day intensive crash course in electronic music production where participants can learn how to create, produce and compose music with Ableton Live. The idea was to show people how to make music in one day, focusing on getting the most out of Ableton inside the box and turbocharging your creative process. 

Through the bootcamp I was able to help a lot of people break through the barrier of creating music and working faster in the studio. Without workflow, the creative process can be hindered by indecision. The Bootcamp itself is something I would like to have attended when I was learning how to make electronic music. All of my courses come from that place, including Elevator Program. 

Having worked extensively with Ableton Live, I recognise its potential as a powerful tool for artists. The Bootcamp was envisioned as a platform to empower musicians, enabling them to harness the full capabilities of Ableton Live and translate their creative ideas into reality.”

In the Bootcamp, participants learn to compose music from the ground up. Could you elaborate on the key elements and techniques covered in this transformative crash course that fast track people’s success?

“The Bootcamp covers essential techniques and elements crucial for music composition. Throughout the day you will be shown how to program grooves & bass lines, how to harness creative sampling techniques and how to build sonic textures using Ableton Instruments such as Operator. 

The key focus is on how to get from idea to arrangement in a fluid way. With the Bootcamp we are sharing workflow and creative techniques that will help participants improve their studio productivity. The key is putting in place a workflow to help you reach your creative goals.”

As an internationally renowned music producer and sound engineer, how do you infuse your personal experience into the Ableton Bootcamp to provide a unique learning environment?

“Everything comes down to workflow. Throughout my career, I’ve had to learn how to get the most out of my studio time, how to create ideas that will translate into my live shows and learn how to get them sounding like club records.

Drawing on my experience as a music producer and sound engineer, I infuse real-world insights into the Bootcamp. This includes sharing personal workflows, troubleshooting techniques, and creative approaches that I’ve developed over the years. My aim is to provide a unique learning environment that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience.”

The Bootcamp covers aspects like drum programming, sampling, and arrangement. Can you highlight the importance of these skills in electronic music production and how they contribute to a well-rounded producer?

“Drum programming, sampling, and arrangement are foundational skills in electronic music production. Mastery in these areas enables producers to create dynamic rhythms, incorporate diverse sonic textures, and structure their music. These skills are crucial for crafting tracks that will get signed to record labels and work on the dance floor.” 

For those considering the Bootcamp, what sets it apart in terms of fostering a creative workflow, especially for Ableton Live users?

“Like the Elevator Program, it delivers results. We want people to come away inspired with new insights on how to create and write music. The Ableton Bootcamp digs deep into the Ableton Suite ecosystem, focusing on the software’s unique capabilities to foster a creative workflow. We delve deep into Live’s intuitive interface, exploring features like Session View for improvisation and Clip View for detailed editing. This specialised approach helps participants fully exploit Ableton Live’s potential and turbocharge their creative process.”

As the founder of the Elevator Program, what additional benefits can participants expect beyond the one-day Bootcamp, such as post-event access to online content and discounts on future courses?

“With the Elevator Program, the learning doesn’t stop at the Bootcamp. Participants have access to our online course the ‘Ableton Crash Course’ which will build on everything covered on the day. We are also offering a 50% discount on all of our online programmes until the end of November. We want everyone to continue their learning journey with us and improve their music production skills. Hopefully we will be listening to their demos for the Elevator Program label further down the road.” 

Reflecting on your extensive career, could you share a memorable experience or project that significantly shaped your approach to music production and teaching?

“Launching the Hybrasil LIVE project has shaped how I produce and teach music. Hybrasil is an evolving concept, and the technology I learn in that process is distilled into my classes and Elevator Program. Through teaching we learn, and through learning we become better teachers and artists.” 

Where have you been playing recently and where’s next?

“I’m performing at Sisyphos in Berlin every two months, where I get to perform live with my Octatrack Samplers for 3 hours. This gives me the freedom to experiment and it has also created an interesting feedback loop between my studio and live shows. My next show is at Cyprus Avenue this Saturday, where I will be debuting a lot of new material. I will be debuting the audio visual show in London at E1 in the new year, following the premier of the ‘Drones from the Island’ project at Culture Night in Cork City Hall, thank you Cork by the way, that was an incredible night, I’m looking forward to coming back this weekend.” 

Lastly, considering your releases with notable labels and your contributions to the Irish music industry, what advice would you give to aspiring music producers aiming for a lasting impact in the field?

“Stay true to your sound and your vision for what it is you want to do. The music industry is constantly evolving, and authenticity is key to making a lasting impact. Invest time in honing your craft, be open to learning, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Build a strong network, collaborate with others, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of creating music.”

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