Culture Night 2023

Electronic Music Council announce ‘Faoi Choim na hOíche’, a flagship late-night event for Culture Night 2023.

Words: James Walshe, Electronic Music Council Chairperson 

Culture Night

It is with great pleasure that today, we at EMC are in a position to announce that we are one of nineteen organisations nationally that have been selected to host a flagship late-night event for Culture Night 2023. An initiative of the Arts Council, Culture Night is a national moment that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. This year there is a particular focus on the Night-Time Economy, reflecting the increasing prominence of this topic within public discourse as well as the increasing recognition of Ireland’s nocturnal cultural offerings. The Night-Time Economy is a multifaceted economy, existing not only in the fiscal sense but also as a sociological concept, a structure around which the social fabric of our society is constructed. The night is a period when most are free from school or work commitments, when cultural activities can be experienced and enjoyed collectively.

For the last 30+ years, electronic music has been the focal point of late nights in cities and towns across the nation, and Cork is no exception. Since the early Sweat nights in 1988, Cork has been besotted by a grá for electronic music, a relationship which has stood the test of time, and a relationship which we are looking forward to celebrating ‘faoi choim na hoiche’ – under the cover of night – on the evening of September 22nd 2023. 

Faoi Choim na hOíche – Workshop & exhibitions

Taking place in Cork City Hall, our event celebrates the local impact of the people and places which shape the community around electronic music in Cork. From 9pm, we welcome you to our exhibition space at the rear of the concert hall. Our exhibits focus on the past, present and future of electronic music, and features work from several artists immersed in the electronic music culture in Cork City:

Maclaine Black is a visual artist, documentary maker & event photographer, who’s work focuses on Cork’s underground Techno & rave community.

Riona Denys is a painter & visual artist, who specialises in live event painting. Riona will be painting live in response to the event unfolding around her, during the music performance.

Cyprian Wałantowicz is a graphic designer & visual artist. He will be exhibiting ‘Techno People of Cork’ a digital audiovisual exhibition featuring interviews with key players within Cork’s underground techno community.

We are also partnering with Laneway Gallery to exhibit works from six artists associated with the Gallery: Geoff Spiers, Ciano, Joanna Hopkins, Elinor O’ Donovan, Silvio Severino & Riki Matsuda.

We are also excited to premiere Sir Henry’s – 20 years On; a mini documentary highlighting the impact of perhaps Cork’s most infamous club, 20 years since it closed its doors in 2003.

In the Millenium Hall, Golden Space will provide drop-in ecstatic dance workshops every 30 minutes. These workshops enable participants to liberate themselves through movement & freeform dance, allowing each participant to engage with the joy of music & movement and truly experience the ecstasy of dance. No experience is necessary & this is open to all. 

Music Performance

From 10:30pm, doors to the main concert hall will be thrust open to begin our main event. Headlining this event is HYBRASIL Live, an Irish-born, Berlin-based live act who will be performing the premiere of ‘Drones from the Island‘, an audiovisual show spawned from a multi-year collaboration with Tom Hodgkinson of Bristol-based design studio SHOP. The AV show draws inspiration from ancient Celtic civilisations & mythology, juxtaposing these themes with the rugged, post-industrial futurism of Techno in a modern city. HYBRASIL has long been developing this concept, seen as far back as 2020 with the enthralling visuals released accompanying the eponymous track from the ‘We Don’t Flip’ EP, released on the Rekids imprint.

Also taking to the stage is DJ/Producer Cailín, who – for the first time – will be playing under both of her aliases (Cailín/GRL) simultaneously. Under her Cailín alias, she has gained international recognition for her uncompromising approach to DJing. Her accomplished technical skills, inspired selections & resolute adherence to the traditional format of the vinyl record has brought her to stages across Ireland and Europe, playing all manner of techno. Started in 2022, her GRL alias has provided an outlet for her house-music focused selections. Through this alias she has performed on stages across Ireland, most-recently as part of a lineup featuring Kerri Chandler among others for District 8.

Reservation of tickets is required for the music performance only, with the first allocation available on eventbrite now via the link here.

This event was made possible through the Arts Council’s Culture Night Late funding stream, plus additional support from generous local businesses:

Poachers Drinks:

Underground Ovation: Underground Ovation (

The Woodford Bar & Restaurant:

McSweeney Distribution & Logistics Ltd

Satellite Taxis: