Maclaine Black

Galway raised & Cork-based, Maclaine Black is a photographer, filmmaker and visual artist. Maclaine’s work focuses mostly on portraiture and events in the techno scene, almost exclusively black and white. They are inspired by the beauty in abstraction, skewing the decipherable. They have worked with some of the biggest DJs in Ireland and Europe and done photography at events all around Ireland and beyond.

Faoi Choim na hOíche

A brief introduction to Maclaine’s installation for Faoi Choim na hOíche; Under the Cover of Night:

Previous Work: ANXN

“So much of how you feel about an image is dictated by the colour palette. By removing colour, you are giving the viewer less clues about how they should feel, leaving the work much more open to interpretation. I’ve always been attracted to abstraction, and I feel the more information you can remove from an image, the more room there is to fill in the blanks for yourself, which is what art is all about.”

“This project, ANXN, has been my baby for more than a year and a half. Even though I’ve been working on it for so long, I really struggle to articulate what it is. The whole project functions as a photographic interpretation of my journey with my sense of self for its duration early images are clear and legible, back when I thought I had a grasp on who I was, and as you get closer to the end of the book things get more and more abstract, representing the added layers of complexity to my character and identity that I’ve discovered about myself.

Future Development

Maclaine is currently studying filmmaking in Cork (FIlm, TV and video production, (Cork College of FET,
Douglas St Campus) with plans to pursue this further in Brighton film school in September 2024.


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