Cork City, 14th January 2023 – In response to a tragic event and concerning incidents within our community, “What’s Your Scéal?” emerges as a campaign organised by dedicated members of Cork’s vibrant community. The untimely passing of Bruna Fonesca at the outset of the new year cast a somber shadow over our city. Luna, a member of the Dagenham Yanks and one of the key organizers behind “What’s Your Scéal?”, along with Tea, has been deeply involved in discussions on these matters. Disturbing occurrences, such as witnessing a neighbor’s outburst followed by a police visit and an injured spouse, underscore the urgency of addressing domestic and sexual violence.

Driven by a commitment to create a meaningful impact and facilitate open dialogue within our society, “What’s Your Scéal?” is on a mission to tackle issues that have long been swept under the rug. Our aim is to kindle conversations that we’ve evaded for centuries and to provide a safe platform for self-expression within our community. “What’s Your Scéal?” aspires to become an annual event, while throughout the year, we would like to collaborate with various organisations to prevent such situations and promote a stable and harmonious community.

We all yearn for a safe city, yet the aftermath of the pandemic has seen a troubling surge in domestic and sexual violence cases. We are currently awaiting responses from the Gardaí department regarding a set of questions we intend to pose during an upcoming interview. This interview seeks to shed light on the workings of An Garda Síochána, bridging the gap between our community and our public guardians, while also acknowledging the invaluable contributions of other organisations combating these issues.

Our online platform, initially established as a blog website, has temporarily disabled its blog page to allow us time to enhance the platform. Our ultimate goal is to empower survivors by providing a secure space to share their stories. We believe that these unique, heartfelt, and often harrowing tales have the power to inspire others who still suffer in silence. We are committed to driving positive change within the broader community by initiating vital conversations and fostering empathy through the transformative influence of the arts. For individuals who may be hesitant or anxious about discussing these situations, we encourage them to reach out to us via our official email address, We will ensure they are connected with suitable organisations or therapists who can provide assistance. This is also an open invitation to therapists interested in collaborating with us.

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 6, 2023, as “What’s Your Scéal?” hosts its live fundraising event at the Pavilion, Carey’s Lane, Cork City. The event, commencing at 8pm, will showcase an array of musicians, storytellers, and comedians from diverse backgrounds.

Anticipate an evening that promises to uplift, enlighten, and entertain, with all profits earmarked for donation to the OSS Cork charity. You can purchase your early ticket by October 5th for the price of €12 on our website

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