Saturday, 22nd of April marked a new turning point for the electronic music scene and kindness in Cork.

The event, titled “House for the Homeless” performed outside of the City Library on Grand Parade, raised money for Cork Simon Community and showcased three of Cork’s biggest up-and-coming brands & labels – Freezit Records, A Subculture, and Trip Underground.

Inspired to create change, the concept was thought up by Cork-based DJ ENEO who has faced many battles himself with homelessness in Ireland over the past year. He combined forces with Steamlite of Subculture, Mi.ko of Freezit Records, and entrepreneur Kate O’Donovan, and the four brought the campaign to life with positive synergy.

Performing from noon until about five o’clock, the four were joined by DJs Franco Cepulo who recently released his debut EP with ENEO on 081 Records. ENEO will also be releasing a 2 track EP which he created in the midst of his own homeless crisis with all proceeds going to Cork Simon Community in the coming months.

The event was helped massively by the support of Cork City Library staff and Goldiefish Events, who were running Corks’ annual Book Festival on Grand Parade. Prime Time Skate Shop very kindly sponsored the event and provided three skateboards for the winners of “Game of Skate” – tba shortly. Sound was provided by BMG Audio.

House for the Homeless was created to showcase talent from the city, creating cultural awareness of Corks’ electronic music industry. The event will give an opportunity for members of the public to see the Cork underground music scene in action.

“It was a chance to show the city that the electronic music scene isn’t just sweaty ravers. That we care about our community and want to give back by sharing our love for music and all people” mentioned Steamlite during an interview. 

The event took the public by storm and raised a total of €870 for Cork Simon Community.

ENEO stated – “We wanted to test this on a small scale, to begin with. Now that we’ve seen how much love and kindness there is in Cork, we know now what’s possible with the support of the people around us. I can’t thank everyone enough. The next one is going to be even bigger!”

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  1. Well done to all involved, it’s always heartwarming to see nice people doing nice things!

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