Step into the enigmatic embrace of “Faoi Choim na hOíche; under the cover of night” and unlock a realm of immersive audiovisual experiences that pulse with the heartbeats of electronic music events. This extraordinary soirée, set to ignite Culture Night Cork 2023, beckons you to a clandestine rendezvous with the nocturnal echoes of techno and house music.

Venturing into Cork City Hall, you’ll traverse a dreamscape where reality and soundscapes intertwine. Feel the electrifying synergy of rhythm and visual art as you explore mesmerizing exhibitions that blur the lines between what you see and what you hear. Each corner reveals a new facet of audiovisual innovation, a dance of light and sound that resonates deep within your core.

The main concert hall morphs into a sanctuary of beats and visuals, where the spellbinding crescendos of Waterford’s Cailín & GRL unfold – a dual identity casting an enchanting spell. And then, the crescendo builds to the climax of the evening: HYBRASIL Live’s premiere of “Drones from the Island.” Years in the making, this sonic odyssey, in collaboration with the artistic alchemists of Bristol’s SHOP, promises an unrivaled marriage of auditory and visual artistry.

“Faoi Choim na hOíche” is a declaration of devotion to the subterranean pulse of electronic music, a celebration that elevates it beyond mere beats and melodies. It’s an immersive journey through audiovisual art, an invitation to dance beneath the cloak of night and bask in the symphony of illuminated pixels and pulsating basslines. Join us on this nocturnal adventure and experience electronic music events like never before – a rendezvous where the boundaries of sound and sight dissolve into pure, unadulterated sensation.

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