Cork-based label Freezit Records are celebrating their first signing of the year, by releasing an EP titled No Pressure by Nikhoski.

The artistic vision behind this two-track play is that of a relaxed mindset and steady graft. Nikhoski takes us on a journey reflecting on this no-pressure approach with a very relaxed tone for the title track, and combining that warm, round bass with Latin-inspired vocals, creates this laid-back, deep groove.

In the second track, Nikohki cranks up a notch in an effort to showcase his style and continue the progression from laid-back to energetic and very much a dancing vibe, which is a contrast that stands out. Crisp detail, vibrant mids, and tight lows are all present throughout, displaying his distinctive production style.

With Divine Radio London and one of their hosts, Musu (fka Abrasive), already demonstrating their strong support for this EP, Freezit Records, and Nikhoski are making significant waves in the scene both domestically and internationally. Their primary objective is to consistently deliver a distinctive and high-caliber sound through releases, mixes, and events – with some international artists already scheduled for the year ahead!

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