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My name is Tiarnan, (a.k.a. TIARNØLA, to use my DJ name) and I look after the website here at EMC. As part of this gig I have decided to start a monthly series where I reflect on some of the music I have been listening to recently in the hopes that there may be some overlap between my taste and yours. If there is, you may discover some new music that you like.

“New” is the operative word here as I will be aiming to share with you tracks that have been released in the past month. However, I will allow myself leniency in this regard. If a track was released in late September and I have been blaring it all October, it’s getting in the October list. Similarly if a track has been premiered weeks before its actually release date, the month it will be listed will correspond to the month I was grooving to it.

With regard my choices of tracks it should be noted that they, of course, reflect my own personal preferences. I have a relatively broad taste across the musical spectrum, but in a dance music context I mainly listen to, and more or less exclusively DJ, Techno. So my lists may reflect this. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that I only hear a small percentage of the music that is released on any given month. I will invariably miss out on some bangers.

9) Genex – Figura [AKRONYM]

Starting off this list we have Dutch producer Genex with this groovy number Figura. Love the tribal-party feel to this track, perfect for two-stepping. The best part of it is that it’s just one of four marvelous tracks released on his EP with AKRONYM, a label that has some great releases.

8) BUCA – Muerta [Imminent Records]

This one comes from Cork native BUCA on Portuguese label Imminent Records. This is a great rave track that combines an ominous vocal loop with a strong and abrasive kick that would fit into any relentless techno set.

7) AISHA – Makina Moves [Taapion]

Representing Scotland on this list is Glasgow producer AISHA. Makina Moves has a fairly cool vocal that gives off a wicked MC vibe that might make you want to hop on the mic yourself. The track is part of a great VA on Taapion, a label owned by legend Shlømo.

6) Chlär – Night Genesis [Mutual Rytm]

Next on the list is Night Genesis by techno & groove maestro Chlär. While not actually released yet, this track is forthcoming as part of an EP on Mutual Rytm, a label curated by SHDW & Obscure Shape. If you are familiar with Chlär you won’t be surprised with the high quality of this track. The German oozes class.

5) Skepta – Eyes On Me (Blokes45 Edit) [MTRPLS]

This particular track I’ve listened to a lot as it was part of a summer release on my label, MTRPLS. DJing out of Dublin, BLOKES45 are a duo which produce some really good techno, as evident here. The huge kick, along with the Skepta vocals, is the meaning of in-your-face music.

4) Bours? – XCIXCIXCI [Dusk Records]

Ever since I started listening to Bours? a few years ago, he immediately became one of my favorite producers. The Frenchman brings a great groove to all his tracks which seem to glide along effortlessly. Here he combines that groove with a magical melodic synth, to make a really beautiful track.

3) DECADANCE – Pass The Hoover [ERADYS Records]

If you’re looking for the definition of rave you’ll find it in this track from Wicklow producer DECADANCE. Describing the main synth as “filth” would be an understatement. This is part of DECADANCE’s Crua Go Tapa EP, which is out on French label ERADYS Records.

2) Dax J – Reshape The Future [Monnom Black]

I doubt most of the people reading this need an introduction to Dax J. He has been, in my opinion, on top of the techno world for a long time, and his productions have remained remarkably consistent over the years. I could, in truth, put any of the four tracks from his Brixton EP on this list, but I love the acid element to this track Reshape the Future.

1) Raël – Mmyeah [Carcères Records]

If you’re an avid fan of fast, melodic techno, you’ll love this track from German producer Raël. The trancey synth which comes in at the break is truly euphoric and it makes for a highly emotional track. This is part of Raël’s Standing Still EP on Carcères Records, a great label for those into this style of techno.

Throwback Track of the Month:
Remco Beekwilder – LSD [Monnom Black]

Lastly, every month I will be selecting a throwback track of the month, to rekindle the love with tracks you used to listen to before, or discover some gems you may have missed. This month we go back to the summer of 2017 and LSD from Remco Beekwilder. At the time this was such a big track on the techno circuit, with DJs playing the track in clubs all over Europe. With the harsh melody, and the “LSD” vocal, it truly is a track built for the rave.

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