Poolpat of Cork collective ‘Seanchaí’ (left) gives us an insight into the group’s eccentric philosophy of music making.

Congrats on the new release! Tell me about Seanchaí – who are you and how did you all meet?

“I’m Poolpat @poolpat_discipline the mind behind that organised messy & lovely chaos of Tea aficionados, samples, cables, grooves, stomp-boxes, story-telling, switches and knobs. Accompanied by Farid Williams @farid_williams_10cipline, Jaws @jameswhitesilver_a.k.a_jws for the core. We met through hardships. We’ve been told life is sweeter and easier in music. So we did music daily, for years. Until we mastered the way, our own Indie (as in independent music production) way. This power is a great responsibility so we encapsulate it. We crystallise this energy into music. As bearer of the lore. As Seanchaí. Jimmy Cena @jimmycena_rap, Bubba Shakespeare @bubbashakes, Emi @emilia_jayy, are in the boat too. Lucky to have the collaboration with Lozza @_lozza.___ for the first release. We are open to anyone wanting to journey with us.”

Was there any particular inspiration behind the 2 tracks on the new release?

“Damsels in distress has a strong SpringBreak/Summer vibe. Like Lozza said, the same energy as in the movie Project X. We love Lo-Fi music, it is a noticeable approach in this music making. Get it Out… Just hits differently. It bangs hard. Surprisingly it is one of our last craft. We, regardless, decided to release first after a suggestion of the talented De Bhial Vealer @de_bhial_vlr “this track is looking for its audience Release-it!”. For a second, I thought we were talking about John Carpenter’s “The Thing” or Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Then it clicked. It’s a UFO. The title is inspired by the visceral desire to release the music, akin to the movie scene revealing the Chest-Burster in a Giger-esque fashion. It hints at the intensity and raw energy encapsulated in the song. Sonically, it is a clear homage to the Flat Eric era, with Mr OIZO (aka Quentin Dupieux) iconic Levy’s mascot Eric and his mythical Korg MS20. To Homework the first release of the Daft Punk French duo. #Digital #FrenchTouch #StrikeBack”

Tell us about your approach to music making. What makes you most excited about making music?

“We conceptualised our approach to music making. To get the best out of it, with rigorous discipline. We gather every Saturday around a warm cuppa of Tea to convey and catalyse our energy into crafting music. A modernised version of the Stoïc/Kant method or if you prefer the oldest Samurai Way. #GhostDog #WuTang #OldSchool #WayOfLife 
It is inclusive, everyone is welcomed. Drugs that would alter your timbral sensitivity are subdue by Tea for a focus enhanced music session. What makes it exciting ? Music is universal and federator. As long as you are loving what you do, people will feed you back the love you give it. That is what excites me the most. What also thrills and enthuses me is to see, step by step, the creation process from an idea or hum to a released song: people gathering, collaborating, opportunities, and happy moments. Sometimes, I wish I had a time-traveling DeLorean to say to my younger self, “Hold tight, believe in your dreams, and don’t give up. One day, you’ll make it.” I came to this realization after a set of 12 self-produced tracks from Shanakee, supporting the cause for Gaza civilians with Stevie G @CorkRedFM. How many DJs can be proud of having an entire set composed of their own independent tracks records, showcased to support a great cause?”

Can you tell us about the artwork for the release? Who is that beautiful cat?

“Let me present you Niki, a demon in disguise. Our mascot. My cat, or more accurately I shall say I am her human. The artwork is a homemade Photoshop stitch from her youngest and oldest picture of my craft. Our charming mascot had to contrast with the notoriety or Eric Levy’s icon, smoker of sausages…”

What’s next for Seanchaí after the single release?

“Expect a Mini-EP of remix to land mid-December, fruit of the collaboration in between Jimmy, Bubba, Jaws, and Farid with beats of my making. The main album release Discipline is soon to be announced as we are still fine tuning the very last details prior the distribution. Stay tuned 🐙”

‘Get It Out’ is available now on Spotify

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