Building on previous releases with collaborators such as Jack Rua, Restive Nation & Dead Label, Dublin-based producer & musician Porridge self-released his new track ‘A Glitch in the System’ on July 7th. A futuristic, dystopian track with sonic nods to cyberpunk & sci-fi, the track aims to reflect the complex digital world that has enveloped our everyday existence. The artist notes Jon Hopkins, Noisia & Deadmau5 as stylistic influences on the track.

A great listen for fans of progressive, absorbing dance music, the track features a pulsating bassline and sound design reminiscent of early electro-house. The track is the first to be released from Porridge’s forthcoming ‘You Don’t Belong Here’ album.

You can check out the track on all major streaming platforms, and the track can be purchased on Bandcamp at the following link:

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