Congrats on your first EP. Tell us where it all began?

“My journey into electronic music began roughly five years ago when I delved into DJing. It was during this time that I, along with Fionn O’Regan and Jack Devine, co-founded the collective ‘Elision.’ Through Elision, we organized and hosted numerous parties in and around Cork city, a venture that continues to this day. DJing became a passion for me, and I was fully immersed in the experience. Interestingly, I initially enrolled in a DJ course at BIFE with no intention of venturing into music production. However, it was at BIFE that I was introduced to the world of music production by renowned instructors like Ken Harte, Defekt, Sunil Sharpe, and Doug Cooney. The moment I started producing, I fell in love with it. At the time, I was living with three others who were also enrolled in the same course, and we all became equally obsessed with music production. The healthy competition within our house only fuelled our passion further. Since then, my dedication and obsession with electronic music production has continued to grow, fuelling my creative journey and leading to the creation of ‘Blainroe’.”

Can you share the inspiration behind the tracks? Or is there anyone that inspires you?

“The inspiration behind the tracks on ‘Blainroe’ comes from a variety of sources. Firstly, the EP was crafted during my time studying music production at BIFE, and the vibrant creative environment there, surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts, was inherently inspiring. Ken Harte, one of the college’s esteemed instructors, played a significant role in shaping my production skills. In fact, I named one of the tracks, ‘Rhythmic Kenesis,’ after implementing techniques he taught us. Ken Harte is a name you’ll often hear when asking past pupils about their biggest inspirations at BIFE. Moreover, being in the same college as prominent figures like Doug Cooney and Sunil Sharpe added another layer of inspiration. Interacting with them and discussing their upcoming releases contributed to the overall creative atmosphere. Additionally, the track ‘On Track’ pays homage to the Irish DJ and producer, Offtrack. After receiving lessons from him for RealSound, I incorporated some of the techniques he shared into the production, making him a notable influence on the process.”

Is there anything that makes this EP unique to you? How did you experiment and push boundaries in your sound for this project?

“What makes ‘Blainroe’ truly unique to me is that it marks my debut EP, the culmination of nearly five years of dedicated production work. Throughout this journey, I’ve constantly explored and experimented with various sounds and techniques, striving to differentiate my music from the rest. It was important to me that my tracks didn’t simply mimic someone else’s style but had their own distinctive sound. I believe I’ve succeeded in finding my own unique sound. Notably, four out of the five tracks on the EP are the result of hardware jams. While I do some editing post-recording, I purposefully refrain from excessive alterations. I’ve learned that excessive editing can dilute the genuine emotion and vibe of a track, and that’s something I aimed to preserve in ‘Blainroe.’ The tracks capture the essence of the moments when they were created, and I believe that authenticity is reflected in the music. Of course, that’s just my perspective, but I hope listeners can feel the same connection to the tracks that I do.”

The cover art for your EP is quite striking. Can you tell us about the concept and its connection to the tracks?

“The cover art for ‘Blainroe’ is indeed eye-catching, and it holds a special connection to the tracks on the EP. The image featured on the cover is a snapshot of the golf course in Blainroe, which is situated just across the road from where I was living during the creative process of these tracks. Walking around this golf course was a frequent and memorable activity during that time. This image encapsulates a significant period in my life and serves as a visual representation of the setting and inspiration that influenced the creation of the EP. It’s a personal connection to the tracks, as they were born from the experiences and memories associated with living in the vicinity. So, in essence, the cover art reflects the emotional and creative context of ‘Blainroe,’ making it more than just a visual adornment, but a meaningful part of the EP’s story.”

What’s the story behind the title of your EP? Does it hold a specific significance?

“The title ‘Blainroe’ for my EP holds a specific significance, and it’s deeply intertwined with the unique creative environment I experienced while living there. What made Blainroe so special was not just the picturesque surroundings but also the fact that I shared this space with friends who, like me, were passionate about making music. We were all constantly immersed in the creative process, working on our tracks day in and day out. Living in this vibrant, music-centric community with friends who were equally dedicated to their craft was incredibly inspiring. The collaborative spirit and the constant exchange of ideas within this close-knit group of music enthusiasts played a significant role in shaping the tracks on this EP. ‘Blainroe’ is a tribute to this shared journey, a testament to the inspiration drawn from living in that environment with friends who were making music every day.”

How do you hope this EP will resonate with your listeners?

“While there might not be a deep emotional attachment to these tracks for the listeners, ‘Blainroe’ is primarily designed to be a dance floor experience. My hope is that the EP will resonate with the audience by transporting them to the vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere of a nightclub. I want the music to make people move, to evoke the feeling of being on the dance floor, surrounded by the energy and rhythm of electronic music. The tracks are crafted with the intention of providing a sonic journey that’s both enjoyable and evocative, a soundtrack for those who appreciate the clubbing experience and the joy of dancing to electronic beats.”

In one word, how would you describe the overall mood and atmosphere of your EP, and why?

“In one word, I would describe the overall mood and atmosphere of my EP as ‘Authentic.’ This choice stems from my deliberate decision not to over-edit the tracks in pursuit of perfection. I believe that the imperfections within each track are what infuse them with character and energy. These nuances and unpolished elements contribute to the genuine and unique vibe of the EP, making it an authentic representation of my creative process and style.”

Where can people grab it?

“The EP is available for pre-order at the moment on Bandcamp but the official release date is the 30th of November.”

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