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Words: Shane Miller, Prospekt.

As the highly anticipated inaugural music and arts festival draws near, gracefully set amidst the picturesque landscapes of West Cork, we are privileged to catch up with our esteemed associates at Kriptik. This grassroots event, nestled harmoniously within rolling hills and captivating scenery, serves as a vibrant testament to the flourishing local artistic community, offering a sanctuary of creativity for both music enthusiasts and art connoisseurs.

This remarkable festival not only shines a spotlight on established artists but also provides a platform for emerging talent to illuminate their brilliance. From the realms of experimental electronica to captivating ambient soundscapes, pulsating techno, and innovative visual art, the event unveils the ever-evolving nature of the local scene, brimming with diversity and audacity.

Kriptik has meticulously curated an extraordinary lineup, uniting beloved local artists from Cork and beyond, who will take centre stage at the festival. Among the esteemed lineup, you will find much loved Cork favourites such as Pincer Movement, Munk, Ladrin and Vinyl Below, Prospekt rostered artists Hooligan, Doileir, MEJMI and Buca, alongside a multitude of other exceptionally talented performers.

To further elevate the experience, we’re being treated to an awe-inspiring back-to-back sunrise set by the extraordinary duo of Cailin & Jamie Behan. Their collaborative performance promises to be a moment of sheer enchantment, encapsulating the captivating synergy that arises when music, art, and community intertwine within a single, unforgettable celebration.

In the realm of grand festivals, art exhibitions often fade amidst the overwhelming spectacle of sound and lights. In Cork’s vibrant artistic realm, a stirring change has emerged since late 2022. Local exhibitions now harmoniously blend music and art, with Cork-based artist Ríona among those spearheading the movement. Prepare for an enchanting journey through the imaginative minds of over 10 talented artists, as many will be unveiling their projects for the first time. Festival-goers can anticipate a delightful surprise that awaits them amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

This humble gathering stands as a testament to the enchantment that unfolds when the realms of music, art, and community merge, creating an experience that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark upon all those fortunate enough to partake.

In our endeavour to bring you an exclusive glimpse into this year’s event, we had the privilege of engaging with key members of the team and talented artists involved. Their invaluable insights not only shed light on the festival itself but also provide a deeper understanding of the vibrant local scene and the captivating DIY music culture that thrives in Cork.

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Ronan O’Mahony 

Ryan Hayes 

[Interview Questions]

Q How do you ensure that the festival remains a space for artistic experimentation and boundary pushing?

Kriptik has always been about creating a safe space for people to come together and express themselves. An important aspect of this is removing the limitations and barriers that prevent people from feeling free. By removing these barriers we create an environment that encourages self expression.

We also ensure that the people who are coming to party with us are purely there for the love of music and a desire for expressing their individuality.

Liam & Aisleigh  [Kriptik Founder & Co Organiser]

Can you share some insights into the curation process for the line up, art installations and exhibits?

Keeping the music true to the genre will always be the main vision of Kriptik. The lineups reflect this vision as every act we believe is truly skilled and adds their own unique values. We feel a lot of talented djs are overlooked in the current scene as popularity has unfortunately become the deciding factor for a lot of promoters and the level of skill is overlooked. Kriptik will always be a place where true talent will be showcased.

Liam  [Kriptik Founder]

As you peer into the future, how do you envision the artistic evolving and flourishing? Are there any novel initiatives or unexplored ideas that ignite your imagination?

The future of Kriptik is something that really excites us and we’re constantly discussing potential ideas that we hope will be realised in the future. The biggest initiative we have is creating an unmatched shared experience that isn’t felt in a club or venue.

Our ideas are limitless and include things such as new exciting locations, exploring different audio and visual displays and extraordinary art installations. We would love to create an experience where the boundaries between reality and the conceptual world are blurred. As well as this we have an array of acts in mind that have unique sounds that could help us push these boundaries.

Aisleigh  [Kriptik Co Organiser]

When it comes to crafting an exceptional festival experience what lies at the core of your priorities? What key elements do you consider to be the lynchpin in ensuring a positive and transformative journey for festival-goers?

For us it’s always about creating new experiences, there’s something very exciting about doing something that hasn’t been done before and going that step further to make these experiences unforgettable.

We believe that one of the key aspects that’ll ensure everyone will have a positive experience is the effort that has gone into creating different spaces. There will be two campsites, various chill out zones and most importantly the stage, which will be miles above anything that we have done before.

Liam & Aisleigh [Kriptik Founder & Co Organiser]

What are your thoughts on Cork’s electronic music scene? how would you describe its current state and the unique factors that contribute to its allure?

The scene in Cork may not be perfect but it certainly has something special that others lack. The sense of community in Cork really is second to none, everyone knows everyone and it really feels like you’re part of something special. The lack of venues is the biggest issue faced by the electronic scene in cork, but there are high hopes that this might change in the future.

Liam [Kriptik Founder]

How will the festival atmosphere differ from previous Kriptik parties? What makes this event a unique and memorable experience for all those in attendance?

From our previous parties we feel that we have laid a strong foundation for a community that is bound by a common passion. The community that we have created is the driving force that inspires us to continue to plan parties and this time we wanted to give everyone an elevated experience, that’s a step above our after hours events.

The main difference is that we have found a unique, picturesque location that we want to share with everyone for a longer period of time in comparison to our previous parties. This weekend-long event will allow people to fully disconnect from their daily lives and instead connect with nature, each other and music.

Aisleigh [Kriptik Co-Organiser]

You will both be closing out the festival with a special sunrise set. can we anticipate a departure from the ordinary and a deviation from the style of your usual club shows that will set this apart?

‘’Well, sunrise sets at outdoor festivals in beautiful locations are always going to be different to a dark club. Our b2b sets are never pre-planned so it is always just vibing off the crowd & each other. Techno, in all its shapes & forms, will still be the foundation.’’

– Jamie Behan 

“Let’s just say I have a special selection of records that are specifically for set times like this :)”

– Cailín

Can you share some insights into the curation process for the art installations and exhibits? What criteria did you consider while selecting artists and their work?

So we did an open call on Instagram where various artists reached out to us with their work and ideas. We then developed their artistic freedom in collaboration with the Kriptik vision. We have over 10 different artists presenting beautiful pieces ranging from installations, tapestry, sculpture, live painting etc. We are excited to keep this art curation a surprise to leave you a submerge of fun discovery on the day.

– Ríona [Kriptik Art Director & Co Organiser]

Are there any educational or informative elements incorporated into the art exhibits? How do you engage attendees in understanding the concepts behind the artwork?

Kriptik is a constant artistic collaboration within music and all art forms. The pieces displayed won’t just enhance the beauty of the festival but directly engage the crowd through the artists eyes. This appreciation is showcased with physical Artist Bios next to each piece. These will include an artist statement about themselves, the piece & vision and their social media.

Kriptik goers can informatively venture around the festival and discover the art displayed. So we do ask that people respect the art, the DJs, the land and each other.

An example of engagement is a piece showcasing the history of Kriptik through images taken at previous Kriptik events. A throwback in time to its creation and the formation of the Kriptik family.

– Ríona [Kriptik Art Director & Co Organiser]

Editorial Note: Kriptik Music & Art Festival took place on June 17th & 18th. The event was a resounding success and certainly a landmark event in Cork’s electronic music scene. You can keep up-to-date with the Kriptik crew on Instagram @kriptikcork. Art Director Ríona Denys can be found also on instagram @riona.denys.art. This article was first written by Prospekt boss Shane Miller. Prospekt are on instagram @prospekt_2.0.

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